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If your maintenance problem is urgent (causing immediate danger to the property or a person) DO NOT leave the request here.  Please call your property manager or maintenance contact immediately.

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Rental Application

Online Rental Application

Approval is based on the following criteria:
1. A complete application filled out by each adult over the age of 18
2. Verification of identity (Driver’s License Or State Issued ID Card)
3. Each applicant must pay a $30 non-refundable application fee
4. A $30 non-refundable credit check fee will be required for any co-signers
5. Credit score of at least 600; 680 is required for some properties (A score under 600 will require a co-signer)
6. Criminal background checks are run on each applicant; Felonies are not allowed
7. Verification of previous rental and/or housing history
8. Verification of sufficient income (Rent cannot exceed 40% of total tenant monthly income)
9. Section 8 must make income and other information available
10. Once approved, the applicant is required to sign a binding lease and pay the full
security deposit, conditionally refundable at lease termination. First month’s rent and nonrefundable pet fee is due upon move-in.

Reasons for a declined application may include:
1. False information on application
2. Certain court judgments against applicant
3. Certain types of criminal histories
4. Poor rental reference, unpaid utilities, unpaid rent, etc.
5. Poor credit score
6. Insufficient income (A co-signer will be allowed if tenant doesn’t meet the income requirement)

Orange Property Management Pet Policy

pet friendly apartments watford city

Many of the properties managed by Orange Property Management are pet friendly.

Orange Property Management accepts pets in most of the properties we manage. We know that for many people, pets are an important part of your home, and we try to be as accommodating as possible while still protecting the properties we manage. Below is the contract any pet owner will be required to sign upon move-in. This policy is updated and effective as of September 18, 2018.

  1. Resident shall be allowed to have up to two pets (cats or dogs) under 80 pounds each in unit.  No other pets will be allowed, other than certified and documented service animals. 
  2. Any pets and service animals must be licensed yearly or as required by city ordinance and resident must show proof of current rabies and distemper inoculations. 
  3. The pet or service animal must be spayed or neutered as applicable. 
  4. Vicious or intimidating pet will not be allowed.  If the landlord believes the pet will pose a threat to the health or safety of others, or will cause substantial damage to the landlord’s property, the pet will have to be immediately removed. 
  5. The pet or service animal shall remain inside the resident’s unit.  No animal is allowed to run loose in hallways, common areas or grounds. 
  6. If the pet or service animal is taken outside, the pet must be on a leash and controlled by resident. 
  7. Resident is responsible for cleaning up pet and service animal waste and disposal of waste in outside dumpsters.  Failure to
    orange property management pet policy

    Tenants in pet friendly apartments are allowed a maximum of 2 pets.

    clean up after the pet or service animal could result in an eviction or non-renewal of lease by management. 

  8. Resident shall not permit pet or service animal to disturb or interfere, or diminish peaceful enjoyment of other residents.  If in the opinion of the management the pet becomes annoying, bothersome, or in any way a nuisance to other residents or to the apartment operation, the management may revoke this contract, and, upon notice, resident will immediately remove the pet from the premise. 
  9. Resident shall take adequate precautions and measures to eliminate pet odors within and around the unit and shall maintain the unit in a sanitary condition at all times. 
  10. In the event the resident leaves his/her pet or service animal unattended for more than 24 hours, management is thereby authorized to enter the residents apartment, remove the animal, and place it with a reasonable person, or other person designated by the resident, or with a kennel at the residents expense, or turn the pet over to the Pound or other authorities, all at the residents expense. 
  11. Resident shall not alter the unit in any way, shape or form in order to create an enclosure for the pet. 
  12. Resident is responsible for any and all damages caused by the pet or service animal, beyond tenant security deposit if necessary, including but not limited to the cost of cleaning carpets, carpet replacement and/or fumigation of the unit. 
  13. Resident shall indemnify and hold landlord harmless from any claims, causes of action(s), damages, costs or expenses of any nature incurred as a result of resident’s keeping of the pet or service animal in unit. 
  14. Landlord reserves the right to periodically inspect the unit for cleanliness/safety upon reasonable notice. 
  15. Resident agrees to pet rent upon execution of this contract, the additional sum of $50 per month for the first pet, and $25 for any one additional petfor pets not deemed registered and documented service animals. Service animals, while not considered pets, are the responsibility of the tenant and must abide by the same behavioral rules and cleanliness expectations set forth under this pet policy for other pets. Pet rent applies to emotional support animals. 
  16. All service animals must be registered and tenant shall provide necessary documentation, in compliance with Federal Fair Housing laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Neither the ADA nor North Dakota’s service animal law includes “emotional support animals,” and therefore “emotional support animals” are considered pets and subject to pet rent as set forth in this pet policy. 
  17. Any noncompliance by resident or the pet with the terms of this contract, or with the rules and regulations governing pets on the premises shall entitle management to revoke this contract, in which case the resident will immediately remove the pet from the premises at the managements request, or, at the management’s election, management may terminate the rental agreement on seven (7) days notice. If management accepts rent while resident is in noncompliance with the terms of this contract, such will not constitute a waiver of management’s rights to terminate this contract, or terminate the rental agreement, for such noncompliance.

Note: Apartments and homes within Watford City Limits have breed restrictions per the Watford City Ordiance. You can view this ordinance here.