Find more space in your apartment with a little creativity

Find more space in your apartment with a little creativity

So even though the apartment you just rented was advertised as “spacious” with “huge closets,” it still feels like you just don’t ever have enough space! Apartment dwellers have learned that every inch of a room can offer a potential spot for storage and organization. All it takes is a little creativity.
Here are 5 of our favorite space saving hacks for apartments that will help you stay organized and make the most of your square footage.

1. Bike Storage

You might ride your bike as long as you can, but in the frozen north where we reside, sometimes it’s just not practical. Those 3 foot snow drifts accompanied by 30 mile an hour winds make biking to work, school, or even just for pleasure an activity on hiatus for the season.

So what do you do with the bike until the spring melt? Make it a part of your decor and hang it inside. The designers at Not A Paper House  gathered 30 creative bicycle storage ideas. Our favorites? The bike rack made from a stump (this one is from PandaCycles), which you could make yourself for free, and the bike that blends in under a cool piece of art. I guess when spring comes you’ll have to hang your sled there instead. And don’t make it complicated. Utility hooks and plant hangers make for easy ways to mount that bike and keep it up and out of the way.

bike storage panda cycles 

2. Create a Dresser Under Your Bed

Instead of letting dust bunnies have free reign under your bed, put that space to good use. Under-bed trundles and beds with built-in drawers are nice, but they can be expensive. Instead, grab a bookshelf at a thrift store or garage sale and create storage for sweaters, shoes, or anything else that you’d put in a dresser.

This is a great way to add storage to a child’s room, too, to store toys and avoid adding another piece of furniture that takes up floor space. Kiddos will appreciate the extra space to play, and have room to store Legos, dolls, balls, and Barbies.

You can also create your own custom storage drawers by building them individually. Here are a couple of ideas from Coco29 and

book case storage storage drawers for apartments

3. Bathroom Clutter Be Gone!

As you attempt to keep the clutter to a minimum, think about all those places that are underutilized and never organized. Like under the bathroom sink. We found one cheap, easy, and colorful way to keep all those little things stacked, sorted, and under control–for only 59 cents for each tiny bin! You can see an example of how to make it work from Idea Stand.

Maybe the colors turn you off? Grab a can of spray paint, made specifically for plastic, and use it to personalize it. Add labels and voila! You’ve got order.

4. Trendy Loft Beds–for Grownups

Loft beds don’t have to be left for little kids and dorm rooms. Super modern furniture, like this from CasaCollection, moves beds up in order to give you more living space or storage space. This is especially great for anyone in an apartment with a roommate. It’s like adding a den or additional living room. Or if you’ve got a studio apartment, you might find this piece of furniture does it all! TV stand, closet, bookshelf, and bed all in one! We found that idea at 
storage solutions loft bed  
5. Dual Purpose Pieces
It makes sense to choose pieces of furniture for your apartment that can serve more than one purpose. This chest, for example, from Martha Stewart, also serves as an entire office. But you can also set a cushion on top and use it to offer extra seating when you’re not working. Read how to create it yourself by visiting Martha’s website.
For the living room, you might consider a stylish multi-purpose table like this one from Direct Home Furnishings. It’s a cocktail table, or coffee table, with storage drawers on each piece. Plus, the top lifts up. You can eat by it, set your laptop on it, and store additional things below.
martha stewart office in a chest  storage table
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