Apartment Living: Be a Good Neighbor

Apartment Living: Be a Good Neighbor

be a good neighbor

If you expect good neighbors, you also have to BE a good neighbor.


From time to time, managers and other employees at Orange Property Management get complaints from tenants about their neighbors. For many, living in an apartment takes time to get used to. It’s normal to hear footsteps or other noises from your neighbors. If you’ve never lived in an apartment before, the adjustment to having people living close by taxes effort, patience, and understanding.

The best way, however, to create a vibrant and welcoming community is to BE a good neighbor. Here are things that every good neighbor should do:

1. Control your own excessive noise. Be mindful that your neighbor may not work the same schedule as you. Especially before 7 am and after 9 pm, be courteous. Turn down your music, remember your “inside voice.” Consider the volume of your TV. If you have pets, ensure that they have adequate food, water, and exercise to prevent excessive barking. Lonely dogs can make lots of noise. Many of the complaints we receive are complaints about pets barking during the day when no one is home. 

2. Clean up after your animals. While many apartments are pet friendly, Orange requires you to clean up any mess your dog makes, regardless if it is a service animal. Put waste in plastic bags and into the proper receptacles. Not cleaning up is not only “un-neighborly,” it’s also a violation of your lease and could lead to eviction.

3. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave garbage in hallways, on the lawn, or in common areas. If you spill in a common area, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. If your boots are muddy, take them off in the doorway.

Remember, an apartment building is a community. Sometimes it takes effort to make friends and get along. If you’re having an issue with a neighbor, often a conversation can help immensely. Discussing your issue (without yelling or accusing) can make your neighbors aware of the problem. If someone approaches you, listen and consider their needs, too. Put yourself in their shoes. Many disagreements can be solved, or even avoided, by good communication.

Do your best to be a good neighbor!

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